Metabolism works like fire in that it requires fueling to ensure that the process continues. There are excellent foods that will give your metabolism the much needed boost, which translates into more energy and better health. Before looking at the foods, a simple habit like taking breakfast will go a long way in hastening your metabolism. Apart from that, regular meals keep your metabolism fueled meaning that it will keep going. This means that you have to take a bite every three to four hours to keep the fire burning. So, what foods should you go for?

Green Tea

This option has been voted top in almost all research findings on speeding up metabolism. It contains antioxidants called catechins that aid in burning calories. About 24 ounces of green tea per day will help shed 70 to 100 calories. This is an incredible speed and will help you achieve any metabolism target. To ensure that you achieve maximum impact, experts recommend that you brew your own tea. Their reservations about the bottled tea that is available in stores arise from the fact that it could contain excess sugar or be diluted using water. This will affect expected results.

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