Why workout? Well, it is the simplest of things, exercise guarantees a healthy body & a healthy body has a sharp mind. It has been proven scientifically that regular exercise & work out routines improve the overall function & condition of your muscles, bones, immune system, breathing, digestion process & brain function.

Exercising regularly has numerous benefits but why is that most of us cannot stick to a work out regime? Or why are we unable to achieve the desired results?

The answer is: lack of motivation! Motivation is not something that just happens to you magically, but it’s something that you have to create for yourself. You have to move your mind & change your mind-set before moving your body. Moving beyond your mental barriers WILL open the door to new ideas and attitudes.

Read along to understand 5 motivational boosters to improve the quality of your work out. These tips are also scientifically proven to increase your overall level of motivation.

Keep Track of Time & Your Routine!

Do not spend too much socializing in the gym, you are there to work on yourself. Allow yourself only 60 seconds between reps, watch the clock closely, manage time efficiently & do not waste it.

Secondly, keep a record of your routine, note down which exercises, how many reps & how much time do you spend on each exercise. This record will also serve as a reminder of what you have to achieve tomorrow.

– A well-kept record of your workout routine will motivate you to do more.


Many studies have proven that visualizations increase your motivation level, the will to do something & improve the results of your activity. Before you leave your house, close your eyes for a few minutes and see yourself going through your workout. Visualize lifting those weights, feel your muscles move; see how your arms and legs are moving. Visualize your exercise routine in great detail.

– Then go do your routine & make that vision a reality.

Push Yourself to Failure!

This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but this this mind-set is used by people who aim to over-shoot their expectations & achieve excellence in their workout. If you are lifting weights, then on your last rep lift until you cannot lift anymore, max out your ability to lift. It’s a good idea to have someone watch over you for safety. If you are running, run real hard & fast until you are really out of breath.

This method will enable you to push & do more.

High Power Pose for Increased Confidence!

This one is really good & has been scientifically proven to boost confidence. Body language affects your internal body chemistry & induces changes in your brain and holding a certain position can really change the way you are. A high-power pose is having your body open, chest out, arms spread & no slouch. The aim is to try to take up a great deal of space.

When you feel like procrastinating during your work out, take 5 minutes off, take 3 deep breaths, stand up, spread your legs, straighten your back & lift your arms up. Imagine your body making a X. Keep in this pose for at least 2-3 minutes.

– Strike the superman pose.

Positive Thinking & Talking!

A positive mind will always manifest positive behavior & outcome.
Think that you already have improved the overall quality of your life & work out.
Positive thinking will enable you to handle stress better, increase your life span, lower depression & ensures your physical well-being.

Talk to yourself & do positive affirmations like: ‘I will lift more weights today’, ‘I will run an extra mile today’, ‘I am improving my work out every day’, ‘I feel healthy & motivated to exceed to my expectations’ etc. Come up with your own positive affirmations to improve & boost your level of motivation.
Hearing your own positivity will pump up you up more than if you were just thinking it.

We hope that these tips will help you improve the quality of your work out & keep you motivated. Be sure to follow these techniques on a daily basis to get real results. Self-motivation is key in every phase of life, be positive & stay committed!