Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Acne-Free Skin, here you’ll learn about acne and how to treat it.Acne

Acne is a worldwide skin problem that affects mostly teenagers. But with improper skin care, this condition can extend to your adult age and cause permanent facial blemishes – a condition that can be an embarrassment. Therefore, having knowledge of methods to prevent frequent breakouts can be helpful. These methods not only enables you achieve a smooth acne-free skin but also keeps it under optimum acne control. Thankfully, this guide outlines these acne prevention and treatment techniques: breakthroughs to clear skin;


The types of foods you eat directly affects the general health of your skin. It is therefore very much necessary to control your diet by avoiding certain foods to achieve your dream skin, and keep acne at bay. As much as food intake is concerned in the control of acne breakouts, avoiding dairy products like cheese and a lot of milk can in the long run help in achieving a blemish-free skin. Additionally, sugars, present in foods like soft drinks and baked foods, has been linked to stimulation of a pimple producing hormones. With the aim of achieving the perfect skin, these foods should be avoided as well.

On the contrary, eating healthy foods can improve your skin appearance while strengthening it to fight future breakouts. Healthy foods, which should be abundant in your diet, include fruits and vegetables. And while fats are deemed unhealthy, certain fats will help in skin maintenance. Fatty acids such as Omega-3 are favorable to the skin as they promote healthy cells while fighting skin inflammation. To top it off, drinking a lot of water will keep your skin hydrated, and this will help fight acne.

Acne Handling

Being a worldwide skin problem, it may be tough to avoid entirely breakouts regardless of following the rightful diet for acne prevention. Consequently, when they appear, how you handle pimples may speculate if they will spread and cause intense effects, or will be subsided and clear off.

To begin with, pimples should not be popped once it appears. Doing so will only make it worse by introducing the bacteria they contain into other skin parts. As a result, this will lead to spreading the acne to the contaminated parts. More so, popping them will not only cause blemishes but will also lead to increased redness and inflammation. It is thus important to let the acne heal naturally – takes at least four days, and clears without leaving any blemishes.

Acne Treatment

Funny isn’t it? Every time you see a new pimple appear, you probably instantly blame your skin. However, science has helped to show that it’s generally an internal issue which is overpowering the sebum glands, resulting in acne. What does this mean? Treating your skin probably won’t solve the on-going issue.

Hormones, stress, diet and many other issues are considered to be the main causes of acne. However, it’s likely to be a guessing game – so prepare to test out a bunch of strategies before you overcome acne.

It’s obvious that the under 30 age range are at a much greater risk of getting acne, under 18’s more so. It appears that hormones are generally to blame here.

Whichever way you look at acne, the main aim is to slow down the rate of sebum production. Over production of sebum from your pores results in blockage, which can then be infected by bacteria on the skin, resulting in those nasty pimples. However, the problem you really need to address is – why is your skin over producing sebum?

Two key players: Zinc and Vitamin A.

Research has shown that Zinc is generally lacking in the majority of acne suffers, what’s more, zinc should be considered as the transporter of Vitamin A. What does this mean? A lack of zinc will probably mean that you also have a lack of vitamin A reaching your skin. Interestingly, Accutane is the most effective acne treatment, which is ultimately a huge dose of vitamin A.

Don’t take a crazy amount of Vitamin B12

Whilst this vitamin is essential for your body, taking a crazy dose has now been proven to result in increased acne. Why might this happen? Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, which means any unused by the body is excreted. Whilst your urine will do most of the work – resulting in a vibrant yellow appearance, your pores will also do the same. What does this mean? Acne loves to feed on this excess from your pores – avoid potent B12 supplements.

In the acne management period, it comes a time when they are hard to manage with diet or how they are handled. This stage calls for other treatment mechanisms which clear them artificially like the use of skin care products, as well as home-made remedies. The choice of the products to use, and how effective they are on your skin will be highly determined by the type of acne you experience. However, certain ones can be helpful to control your acne.

Creams containing Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid come handy when treating and controlling the spread of pimples. These elements are useful because they destroy bacteria that promotes the invasion of acne on the skin. Applying them will penetrate the skin and kill bacteria before they cause acne or promote the growth of pimples. Additional to this, use of drying agents like silica can assist the reduction of pimples. For instance, you can apply toothpaste on a pimple overnight to dry it, reducing it in size while reducing its spread.

On the other hand, natural selections can be preferable if you are cautious about your skin health from the use of artificial products. For acne control with natural options, it may not be quick and efficient as the synthetic choices but have guaranteed results in the long run. Some of the natural offerings that can be used to clear acne and render your skin smooth and appealing include:

  • Lemon Juice
  • Avocado Mask
  • Turmeric mask
  • Raw Honey

Thereby, do not struggle with acne-infected skin anymore. With the above guidelines from what to add and avoid in your diet, how to handle appearing acne to the best skincare products to treat pimples, you can achieve that perfect skin you dream to have with no much hassle. Establishing a schedule to use the above-mentioned skincare products, and eating healthy will subsequently help better your skin status.