Barefoot running shoes may seem like an oxymoron, but these comfortable shoes allow your feet to receive all the benefits of running barefoot without exposing your toes directly to the elements. While some of the shoes look a little odd, fans of this minimalist movement stand by their style.

Fit: You want your toes to fit into each pocket snuggly. Unlike the standard half-inch of wiggle room desired in traditional trainers, barefoot running shoes are designed to fit like a glove.

Allergies: If you have a latex allergy, consider your shoe choice carefully. Some of the barefoot running shoes are not recommended for those with latex allergies, due to trace amounts of latex used in the production.

Start slow: Changing from traditional running shoes to barefoot running shoes should be a process. Take your time in transitioning to this style. It is more than just a shoe change; the bio-mechanics of this minimalistic movement are different.

Adidas AdiPure Barefoot Trainer

The Adidas AdiPure Barefoot Trainer has a sock-like fit. The flexible, non-marking rubber sole adds traction while the second-skin upper offers restriction-free movement from the heel to the toe. This style allows all your muscles to move naturally, which helps to strengthen feet and legs. The OrthoLite sock liner adds long-lasting cushioning, complete with antimicrobial protection and moisture management.

Merrell Barefoot Pure Leather Glove

This Mary Jane outdoor adventure-style shoe features a Velcro instep strap and cushioned foot bed. Walking, hiking, or running, this barefoot pure glove adventure shoe provides all-terrain protection that you need, without sacrificing form or comfort.

Altra Women’s Eve Barefoot Running Shoe

Protect your feet in this Altra Women’s Eve Barefoot Running Shoe, which features a zero-drop platform that naturally aligns feet, back and overall body posture while reducing impact. The narrow heel and longer arch is designed specifically with a woman’s foot in mind.

Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon Running Shoe

Trail runners can have their cake and eat it too with these well-supported barefoot trainers. Specifically designed for the trails, the Spyridon shoe offers grip, traction and natural breathability. Experience confident footing and protection while maintaining your barefoot running style.