While many seniors enjoy a more active lifestyle than their own grandchildren, there are certain things that should be remembered in order to stay healthy this holiday season. Planning ahead can make the holidays that much more special for all involved. The truth is while the following advice is directed towards seniors; the information is good whether you are entertaining a five year old, a twenty http://www.TennesseeTitansJerseys.com five year old or a sixty five year old.

Don’t break curfew

Seniors, and the rest of us, fare better when sticking to a regular sleep schedule. The holidays can really break into that routine and create an opportunity for illness. Respect the body clock and get to bed before curfew.


Cheers light

The holidays are full of special cocktails, egg nog, wine and beer. These can be loaded with high calorie counts and cause painful joint inflammation. It can be hard not to overindulge but there are easy ways to celebrate without intoxicating. Lighten up the cocktails and enjoy non-alcoholic alternatives. At the very least, alternate an alcoholic beverage with a tall glass of water. Water will prevent dehydration and help digest the heavier than usual holiday treats.

Tip toe around the treats

Holiday treats play a big role in celebrations. What gathering is complete without heavy or sugary concoctions? Unfortunately age has a way of slowing down the metabolism, making it easier to pack on holiday weight and harder to take it off. Choose your battles though, if you must have baklava, skip the extra dinner rolls. And instead of dousing food in butter, use more spices.


Baby its cold out there

Dressing for the weather takes on new significance for seniors. Body temperature can drop with age, and this can in turn lower resistance to germs according to Andrea Tannenbaum, president of Dynamic-Living.com. Dress in layers, even long underwear if you are prone to chills. If you traveling for the holidays, it is a good idea to bring along a pair of non-slip slippers to keep your feet warm at parties.

Step up

If you do not have a whirlwind of events on your social calendar, make it point to fill it up by reaching out to others. “Holiday blues” can be provoked by memories, or be caused by SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Depression in any form is dangerous and can be life threatening. Be proactive and volunteer your time; call up relatives who live far away, or invite friends over for coffee.

Enjoying the holidays may not look the same as it did 30 years ago, but that is okay. You can make new memories and forge new traditions as you go.