Weight gain can gradually continue to the point where you fall into the obese category. It’s actually become an epidemic in America. The days of having food restrictions are over in many countries, but is having the ability to buy food the real issue at hand?

Modern day life has encouraged a new type of stress, which is completely foreign to the human brain. From technology to social media, it’s something we have suddenly become accustomed to, but a lifestyle which has dramatically changed us. Whilst this new style of life can be hard to get used to, it’s perhaps your brain which is having the huge difficulty.

If your brain isn’t happy, then you won’t be either. It’s your brain which helps to control your appetite.

Blame your brain chemistry

A mixed up brain can create cravings, and it’s a fact that your brain helps to dictate what you like or dislike.

Re-balance your brain to overcome obesity

Sadly, telling yourself to eat less probably won’t result in a positive outcome, yet it’s an average response from a doctor – “just eat less”. Whilst it might seem as though a common sense statement, nothing could probably be farther from the truth in some cases.

Can’t stop eating carbs?

This probably means that you’re lacking in the brain chemical serotonin. Many carbs help to covert to this brain chemical using a process beginning at the scale of tryptophan. However, if your brain is deprived, you’ll require a crazy amount before you feel balanced, hence overeating this type of food.

Can’t get motivated?

Sometimes it can be hard to get into gear, however, if your biggest friend if chocolate, then you probably need a little more dopamine. Again, this brain chemical is effected by the foods we eat, tyrosine and phenylalanine and the two key players here.