The best way to deal with excess weight is to set in motion a fat burning mechanism. A combination of exercises ensures that all parts of the body are involved. The idea is to ensure that you’re feel light and fit all over the body. Here are exercises suggested by experts after thorough research and testing.

Barbell Squat

It targets the backbone and the legs. You should place your legs shoulder-width apart and plant them firmly on the ground. The racked barbell should be comfortably placed on the upper portion of the back. Do not place it on the neck because it might crash you. The barbell is grabbed a step away from your feet and with shoulders drawn backward, you slowly squat until your quads are parallel to the ground. This is followed by a powerful acceleration upward.

Before repeating this exercise, pause for a minute. In case fatigue kicks in, return the barbell to its rack and take a break. Maintain a strong posture throughout the exercise period. Ensure that you have an instructor around if you have not mastered the motions. Always use a weight you can manage and progressively make it heavier to avoid injuries. The effect of this exercise will be felt from the shoulders down to your toes.

Dumbbell Swing

This exercise targets muscles on your hands as well as shoulders. It is easy to improvise if you do not have professional equipment. It does not require the attention of an instructor because the dangers associated are minimal. At the starting position, the dumbbell is placed on the floor in-front of you. Place the legs slightly wider than your shoulder width. You are then required to squat downwards in order to tighten your core. The palm of your hands should be facing your body when you grab the dumbbell. Straighten your back as you accelerate powerfully upwards towards the ceiling. Hold the dumbbell at an eye level. One motion ends when you lower your body back to the starting position.

Bicycle Exercises

Cardio exercises help to burn both body and belly fats. This is according to a research on the best exercises especially for the abs. The advantage of bicycle exercises is the ability to strengthen stomach muscles over and above shedding the fat. It means that you remain with nice abs to show once the fat is gone.

Before hoping onto the bicycle, warm-up by lying on the floor and lifting your head and shoulders off the ground while your knees are on the chest. The left shoulder should be brought to the right knee and an alternative motion repeated with the right shoulder and the left knee. Ensure that your breathing is relaxed as you pedal in the air. These motions should be repeated until you are ready for intense workout on the bike.

Reverse Crunch

This exercise targets your core muscles. It also is intense and ranked among the easiest because it offers a possibility of improvisation. The starting position will find you lying on the floor with both arms on the sides. You then are required to cross your feet and lift them from the ground to ensure that you achieve a 90 degrees angle at the knees. Contract abs muscles and lift the shoulders and the head off the ground. You should inhale as you lower your back and exhale as you contract. These motions should be repeated several times ensuring that you push your limits with every session.

Dead Lift

Dead lift will exercise all muscles from your toes to your shoulders. It is best performed at the gym with professional equipment and the support of an instructor. You are at liberty to upgrades the weights used as your system gets used to the exercises. You begin with the weight on the ground in front and at a squatting position. The legs should be stable with hands placed at shoulder length. Lift the weight until your back is straight. Hold that position for a while then return the weight to the ground. Repeat until the point of exhaustion ensuring that you push your limits.

Whichever exercise you choose, consult a health specialist to ensure that your system can handle the strain. Safety should be a major concern at all times to avoid physical and internal injuries. Always push your limits to ensure continuous loss of fats. Focus on exercising different parts of the body.