Reflection of a young man in the bathroom mirror after shaving

Looking for the ideal razor that can offer you a clean shave without the muss and fuss of using foam and water? Well with the wide array of sophisticated electric razors that are taking the market by storm, it is hard to pick and choose the best one. Here is a compilation of the top 8 electric razors that are guaranteed to give you a smooth shaving experience:

  • Braun series 7-790cc shaver: One of the most sophisticated and popular foil electric shaver in the market today, this model comes with three personalized mode settings: extra sensitive, normal and intensive, which can be varied to suit the different skin types. This feature is unique to this particular brand. In addition to this, the Braun shaver, brilliantly fitted to reach even the difficult areas of the face, provides a clean, smooth shave with minimal skin irritation. The ingenious state-of the art Sony technology comprising of 10.000 micro-vibrations per minute, enables it to seize more hair in one stroke. This is 100% waterproof, easy to clean, easy to handle and is supplied with an Auto cleaning-charging system that both cleans and charges the shaver while it is docked. Like most foil shavers, this is more focused on the sensitive skin types. The only two disadvantages of using this razor is that it can only be used for dry shaving and that it emits unpleasant noises which might be annoying for some customers.
  • Philips Norelco shaver 8100: This top-of the range rotary shaver can be used for both wet/dry shaving operations. This razor is ideal for shaving off long facial hairs and for operating very quietly. This shaver provides the closest shave around the neck and the jawline. The shaver is usually accompanied by a jet clean system that lubricates, charges and cleans the system. This device however, is very expensive and using it on sensitive skin types might result in the redness of the neck.
  • Panasonic ES-LV6-A Arc 5 Multiflex pivoting head: A wet/dry foil shaver that features a 5 blade cutting system which shortens the shaving time required. This shaver is in-built with the fastest and powerful linear motor system that can operate at 14,000 rpm while still maintaining its peak power even with an ebbing battery charge. This is usually recommended for sensitive skin types. Two of its undesirable features are its exorbitant price tag and wider shaving head, which makes it extremely difficult to reach the more constricted expanses of the face.
  • Philip’s HQ8260: An innovative collection of electric razors whose sleek design makes it easy to hold and pivot smoothly around the face. Its distinct Lift &Cut technology, first lifts the whiskers before cutting them off. The shaver head comprises of 3 rotary shaving discs and has slots and holes that not only increase the cutting area, but also enable it to trim really short hairs. This model can be used both as a plugged in device and as a cordless device depending on the situation. The charging stations for this series is petite enough to fit into the snuggest of places. The flip-open shaving head permits easy cleaning between shaves.
  • Remington R-7130: A highly flexible electric razor comprising of 3 autonomously swiveling rotary heads built into an equally pivotal neck. The Teflon-coated heads glide smoothly over the skin, while the titanium plated blades trim the hair closely along the contour of the face. An LED display highlights the shaving time left on the blade. Additionally, Remington model offers a quick recharge option which allows you to power-up your razor real quick. A fully charged razor can dispense up to 60 minutes of shave time. Like all electric razors available, this razor is also easily cleanable.
  • Philips Norelco PQ208 Travel electric razor: A compact double rotating cutting-headed razor that is optimized for easy portability. Powered by two AA batteries, this is capable of providing neat, quiet and close shaves within minutes.
  • Panasonic ES-LA93-K Nanotech 4 blade shaver: A class AAA electric shaver having a robust body and a sleek finish, capable of providing closer shaves with minimal skin irritation. The shaver features a unique 4 blade cutting system that provides better coverage and greater maneuverability to reach even the constricted areas of the face. Like all of its Panasonic counterparts, this shaver is also fitted with the world’s fastest linear motor system. The pop-up trimmer of this model is the most reliable among all electric razors. Despite its advantages, this is usually marked down on the list due to its high price and rather loud vortex cleaning system.
  • Philips Norelco PT730 power touch electric razor: A light-weight, relatively easy to use rotary shaver fitted with a rubber grip that is both comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. With its quick clean system it is easy to maintain. This is yet another model that is fit for travelling. It possess a high battery life. This however, is not suitable for men with heavy whiskers.