I’m not a big fan of daytime TV, usually too busy. But sometimes I catch Tyra Banks on cable at odd times, and I saw a show she did where she talked to young girls about their bodies. www.ravensjerseyssmall.com I was sickened at the time, that these young girls, some just 7 years old, would think of themselves in such a negative way They’re children for goodness sake, they should be out running and playing and jumping and giggling and having fun, not worrying about if they’re fat or not! Man our anorexic culture is more revolting every day!


Anyway, yesterday I was googling for something or other and up came a link to the video (next to the headline above). I watched it, and then read the comments below.

Now I feel sick.

What are we doing to our kids, that young women like those posting in response to that vid are so distressed that they’re a size 4 (that’s an Aussie/UK size 6) – that’s an EXTRA small in anyone’s language, and they want to be a size 0!!

Hello! Helpless, 3 month old babies are a size 0!! Not full grown women! (I sometimes wonder if that’s the point of all this – to make women helpless, they’re certainly weak if they’re not eating enough to sustain a normal weight!)

I’m not bagging the girls who want this – they’ve been taught that this is how a woman must be.

Again, what are we doing to our kids?

What are we doing to our women?

Every single one of us has to take responsibility for this, it IS a crisis. How do we do that? The same way we fight every other kind of bigotry, because bigotry it is.

The truth is that fat=unhealthy is a LIE! It has NO scientific research to support it. So it’s a fashion, an opinion, to think of people who have more body fat, as somehow deficient or lazy or unworthy.

And it begins with YOU! If you think of your OWN body fat as somehow making you less worth in ANY way, how can you possibly think otherwise of other people?

You ARE responsible for your thoughts, and you can make a change in your thoughts.

And you can begin now. When you change yourself, those around you also change.

It won’t change overnight, but we will reach the tipping point, and god I hope it’s soon enough to save our kids from a lifetime of severely ill health, because they’ve abused their bodies in their foundational years.