Seeing others love is sure to be an anger to any real narcissist – after all, a narcissist is on a mission to deliver one blunt message: I am better than you. It’s that very message which is designed to hurt you, but in reply, give relief to the emotional abuser.narcissist

Emotional eruptions are like a volcano exploding for a true narcissist, their boundaries have become exposed, hence their anger. A true narcissist views themselves as, well, ‘perfect’ – everyone else should be considered inferior – at least in a narcissist’s mind. If you do something wrong, then you’ve done something of which a narcissist would view as incredibly wrong – after all, they’re perfect, right? Wrong.

A true narcissist enjoys messing with the emotions of those closest to them, however, sometimes the victim might not realise they’re under such a charming spell. Also considered magical, a narcissist is able to convince you to do everything and well, anything.

Many times, a narcissist was abused somehow, and that’s probably why the trail continues inwards through a family. They aren’t able to accept the abuse, and therefore relive the drama once more. Simply put, someone with this disorder can convince a family that they must conflict.

Narcissists love to be the center of attention, that’s why when it comes to a special occasion, they love to highlight the season with, well, attention – to themselves. Maybe it’s a Birthday, perhaps Christmas.

Simply put, the abuse once inflected by the abuser is reflected against others as a reply to coping, creating a thought process in attempt to resolve an un-resolvable matter. Therefore, it can develop an undesirable process throughout a family.

The inability to cope with a previous, past event, is generally, and usually, how narcissism develops as a condition. Taking enjoyment from a previously harmful experience is how narcissism generally develops. However, the pain can spread like a virus – making it a contagious condition.

Like a predator, they feed on the weak.